Psalm 151. A Lament.


Psalm 151
A Lament.

O God, You are my God,
My Healer, My Deliverer.

A prism of color streams forth Your glory
As the sun arises,
Blending with the sounds of Your creation awakening;
A testament to Your eternal power and divine glory.

It nearly masks the silent Enemy: an unseen force;
Invading, sickening,
Choking our breath, burning our bodies with searing heat.
A Plague that lurks, threatening to undo the ones You say You love,
The ones You say You want to save.

Where are you, Lord?

We are prisoners in our homes
While a Death Angel slithers through our streets;
Sickening our cities,
Upending economies,
Undoing agreements,
Chaos instead of celebration,
Separation and dividing,
Casting us into a world of virtual reality,
Scrambling for a new structure.

Will You be the blood on our doorpost?
Or will you allow us to be devoured?

Where are you, Lord?

We have fled; we have collected ourselves.
We have obeyed our elders,
And yet our backs are to the sea
But do You see?
A Pharaoh pursues us, a foe to slaughter us.
Will you part these waters, Lord? Will you avenge us?
Will you cause our Enemy to drown as Your mighty waters crash down?
Or will we float?

Where are you, Lord?

If You’re looking for an opportunity to exalt Yourself,
Lord, we are here;
Your sheep in need of a Shepherd.
Will you walk through this valley of the shadow of death?
Or do we navigate alone?
Will Your rod and staff comfort us?
Or do we protect ourselves?
Will you prepare a table in the presence of our Enemy?
Or do we seek out our own daily bread?

Where are you, Lord?

You are here;
I know that You hear.
And I know that in the end, I will stand upon the earth
And I, in my flesh, will see You.
Arise Lord, Healer of the Nations
That all may see and know Your salvation.

O God, You are my God,
My Healer, My Deliverer.

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