Psalms: Our (Re)New Workout


Some books fill my mind. Others fill my heart.

This week, an excerpt from a MUST-READ for all believers.  N.T. Wright’s The Case for Psalms is eye-opening to the point of introducing the “more mature” Christ-follower, who thinks she’s tasted-and-seen-it-all, to the world of gourmet.

Psalms, dusted off, reinstated, is our renewed workout for transforming the mind, heart and body.  Wonder-full. psalms

For those who wonder if worship is happy-clappy praise all the time, this offers a broader picture. For those of us with concerns over worship devolving into self-focus, Wright explains clearly how this easily & quickly took root in Western culture.

The Psalms are the hymnbook collection of both Judaism and the early Church in private and corporate worship.  Our opportunity to be real and genuine before a loving, involved Creator.

Part of the strange work of the Psalms is to draw the terror and shame of all the ages together to a point where it becomes intense and unbearable, turning itself into a great scream of pain, the pain of Israel, the pain of Adam and Eve, the pain that shouts out, in the most paradoxical act of worship, to ask why God has abandoned it. And then of course the Psalms tell the story of strange vindication, of dramatic reversal, of wondrous rescue, comfort, and restoration.

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