What’s Right with the Church


There’s a lot wrong in the Church.

What a minute!  That’s not what the title said!

I know.  But let’s just get that part out of the way for now.  We live in a very consumer minded culture…one where the customer demands to be heard and has a right to voice an opinion.  The atmosphere of consumerism has bled over into multiple areas of the Church.  It hurts me that the opportunity to be so publicly critical seems to have become an inalienable right.  It’s even more painful when those voicing discontent slip around in the shadows whispering critiques to others with no intention of being part of a solution.

This is not finger pointing.  It’s just a fact.  And I would be dishonest to not admit that I have at times been a great offender.

In Good to Great by Jim Collins, we are taught a principle called the Stockdale Paradox.  This is the ability to hear and accept the brutal facts of the situation while, at the same time, remaining unwaveringly committed and faithful that it will turn out well in the end.  In ministry, it’s part of my job to hear the criticism–directly or indirectly–and to pray over and to discern a Christ-leading way to respond.

But a big part of the brutal truth is what’s going RIGHT in the Church.  Every day, multiple individuals and families are directly touched by the healing power of the Holy Spirit and the great power of God.  It is very easy to get sucked into the vortex of negativity of those who have decided their spiritual gift is complaint, and to completely miss Yahweh-on-the-Move all around us.

To that end, I want to engage in the development of JOY throughout the month of November.  Joy is largely nurtured through gratitude.  So Church, I’ll be sharing what I see and experience in you!

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