That Moment


I had the privilege of being with some wonderful MS students this past week.  And I have to say, it’s been a while.  If you have ever been a camp counselor, it’s likely you can relate to these moments …so I made a brief list.  Enjoy.  camp

“That Moment” at MS Camp when…
1.  You realize you are likely the oldest volunteer on staff.
2.  You can’t figure out why the 11-yr-old girl in your family group looks so familiar, then realize  you had a crush on her mom in college.
3.  You realize you aren’t that cool anymore and you don’t care.
4. You see your own kid having a blast and having some of the great life experiences you had at this age.
5.  You witness a moment of pubescent awkwardness, and the full memory of being a hyper-sensitive 12-year-old comes crashing back.
6.  Adolescent hands are in the air abandoned worshipping like you wish adults would.
7.  You realize coffee is not an amenity, but necessary for survival.
8.  You’re watching kids being catapulted off the inflatable blob on the middle of the lake and remember when you too were once mostly made of cartilage.  Your current skeletal frame is audibly saying “don’t even think about it.”
9.  The Holy Spirit is obviously working on a young person’s heart.
10.  A kid accidentally and loudly farts right before the campfire talk, and you never really ever get your audience back.

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