More Than Property


Renew_Groups_Graphic-01In today’s message at Spring Road Christian Church, we focus upon Jesus’ words in the Sermon on the Mount concerning divorce and the importance of the “practice of love” in the marriage covenant.  Use the following Renew Questions for your personal or group study this week in light of today’s teaching!  Married couples…be sure to pick up a Date Night Package at the Renew Stands in the Worship Lobby!

*Disclaimer…For those of you who are single, answer the appropriate questions below in light of what you hope for/are praying for?  Or you may be able to bless married people in your group by being the most objective to offer what your honest observations are!

1)    What is something you do fairly consistently regardless of how you feel?  What belief do you hold deep down in your heart that drives to override feeling to DO what you just stated?

2)    What was the BIG IDEA of this week’s message entitled “More than Property” (Mt. 5:31-32)? If you missed it, you can listen online at

What LIE might the Enemy try to get you to agree with in your heart to refute this big idea?

3)    What is the ultimate goal of your marriage?

4)    In our 20’s, it seemed strange when people told us to be thinking about retirement; but starting that early, consistent investment is crucial in order to be sustained later in life.  Remember Aesop’s fable of The Tortoise and the Hare?  “Slow & steady wins the race.”  A small, consistent investment makes a BIG difference in the long run.  What is something you do on a fairly consistent basis to invest in the “practice of love” in your marriage?

5)    Has there ever been a time in your marriage when you weren’t on the same page with your spouse…one of you got ahead of the other?  (e.g., in business, education, career, etc.).  How was balance (“shalom”) restored?

6)    In what way/s does the World look at marriage differently than the Church does?

7)    How might history be different if it had been as easy for women to dismiss men from the marriage covenant?

8)    Is the level of respect, compassion, etc. in your interaction with people in the Church the SAME or DIFFERENT than your interaction with your spouse at home?  Why or why not?  Should they be the same?

9)    Is there a role model marriage for you?  What kinds of things are you observing that you want to imitate or wish was a part of your marriage?

10) Why would Jesus elevate the topic of Marriage & Divorce as something not to be taken lightly?  Especially if you grew up in a home that experienced divorce, what perspective can you add?

APPLY IT: Make a Marriage Investment 

Plan a dinner date with your spouse sometime this week.  Pick up a “His & Hers” Envelope Packet located at the Tall Green Renew Stands in each Worship Lobby.  Do not open your envelopes until you get to dinner.  Each envelope contains 6 possible questions you could ask your spouse.  Take turns asking your questions of each other during your date.


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