Easter Gone Viral



Top 10 Thoughts that go through the Worship Pastor’s mind when his child wakes up with a virus on Easter Sunday:

1) Seriously today?

2) 101.3 isn’t that high.

3) Which musicians can jump in without rehearsal?

4) Lets have the Egg Hunt now, but take out all the candy and replace it with Phenergan suppositories.

5) Maybe if we give him a bath and get his clothes on he will feel good enough to make it?

6) If I send a 911 text to our musicians at 5:30 am will people respond?

7) They could have a Quaker service.

8) If we just go in faith, maybe we will experience an actual healing!

9) He throws up fairly quietly. Could we just make a little pallet on the floor backstage?

10) Call Mimi. She’ll know what to do!

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